Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Star Wars RL: Profession Preview

In the introductory article I presented the class system I may use in a Star Wars roguelike. These classes, or professions, stem from three base professions and expand from there. This article will take a more in-depth look at the base professions and what comes after them.

The Mercenary is perhaps the most immediately recognizable profession from a Star Wars stand point. He focuses on blaster weaponry and little else. He will use abilities such as "Aimed Shot" (a high damage, single target attack) and "Suppression Fire" (a large burst of blaster fire around a central target). The Mercenary will later be able to focus on a specific ranged combat discipline: Bounty Hunter, Commando, or Combat Medic.

The elite Mercenary professions each take a wildly different approach to a similar theme: ranged combat. The Bounty Hunter is perhaps the most similar to the basic Mercenary, blending standard blaster abilities with control skills like "Takedown" (a ranged knockdown). The Commando is an enthusiast of dangerous technology and focuses almost entirely on explosives such as "Incendiary Grenade" (a massive area-of-effect attack). The Combat Medic uses her knowledge of medicine, infectious diseases, and blasters to eliminate her foes.

The Warrior is the melee specialist and takes a relatively similar approach to that as the Mercenary does to ranged combat. The Warrior makes use of abilities such as "Jab" (a high-powered attack that can disorient the target) and "Whirl" (a point-blank area-of-effect attack). The Warrior will later be able to focus on a specific melee combat discipline: Duelist, Sentinel, or Tera Kasi Artist.

The elite Warrior professions each take a unique approach to melee combat, much like the Mercenary variants do. The Duelist focuses on aggressive control, using abilities such as "Lunge" (a medium range knockdown) and "Flurry" (a massive single target attack). The Sentinel combines modern technology with ancient techniques, using abilities such as "Pin" (a damaging, close range knock down) and "Electrify" (close range area-of-effect centered on a target). The Tera Kasi Artist is a profession focused largely on defensive moves such as "Leg Sweep" (an area-of-effect, close range knockdown) and "Cleansing Will" (a costly healing ability).

The Adventurer is perhaps the most diverse profession, focusing on no particular weapon type but instead utilizing stealth and tactics to take down foes. She will use abilities such as "Ambush" (an improved sneak attack) and "Poison Dart" (a medium range disorienting attack). The Adventurer will later be able to focus on a more defined style: Scoundrel or Ranger.

The two elite Adventurer professions both take different approaches to stealth combat. The Scoundrel is aggressive, utilizing abilities such as "Eye Shot" (a long ranged, highly damaging attack with a chance to disorient) and "Last Ditch" (a massive attack that deals more damage the less hit points the Scoundrel has remaining). The Ranger takes a more defensive and tactical approach, using skills such as "Flash Grenade" (a disorienting area-of-effect centered on a target) and "Hide" (an emergency ability that greatly reduces the player's and nearby enemies' vision).

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