Sunday, May 6, 2012

Star Wars RL: Development Update 1

This series of posts will provide a "scratch" log of things being put into, taken out of, or changed in the game.

a). The Mercenary's "Warning Shot" was changed to a centered area-of-effect. Disorient has been defined as "an effect that reduces the victim's dodge chance by 33% of it's current value".

b). Species are all in the game and functioning properly. The exception here is the Sluissi, which still need the "Constriction" attack written up.

c). All of the following professions are in the game with working abilities: Mercenary, Scout, Warrior, Assassin, and Bounty Hunter. More coming soon!

d). The Bounty Hunter's "Scatter Blast" was changed to Wrist Rocket. Wrist Rocket is mostly the same type of ability, but it deals more damage the further away from the target the Bounty Hunter is. I feel this better expresses the long-ranged play style of the Bounty Hunter.

e). The action point system is in and works fine.

Immediate to do list:

1). Add in the Sluissi "Constriction" attack. Added! Currently "Constriction" is a 20% chance to inflict 1 to 6 extra damage in melee combat.

2). Properly implement the basic professions in their entirety. Elite professions will come later. Added! Now for elite professions.

3). Star Wars-ify the development build. Currently I'm a Jawa fighting Gnolls. Fixed!

4). Implement an option for automatic ability targeting or controlled ability targeting.

5). Put in some helms. SPACE HELMS.

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