Monday, June 18, 2012

Attribute This To Your Attributes

In my last post I pointed out the need to update the attribute system. Here's an idea for that update.

Cunning: the character's craftiness and stealthiness. Cunning influences the character's ability to avoid detection while sneaking and backstab damage. Also slightly increases accuracy and critical strike chance. Grants a small amount of hit points per point.

Reflexes: the character's ability to quickly react. Reflexes influences the character's ranged damage, dodge chance, and accuracy. Grants a small amount of hit points per point.

Strength: the character's physical prowess. Strength influences the character's melee damage, armor, and critical strike chance. Grants a small amount of hit points per point.

Willpower: the character's mental control. Willpower influences the character's armor and dodge chance. Grants a small amount of hit points per point.

Players would be given initial control of their attribute distribution by selecting a species. Afterwards attribute changes will be mostly left in the hands of fate. One interesting idea is to have the character gain a large amount of one attribute and lose a smaller amount of another after certain important stages in the game. This would happen one to three times throughout the game. It would allow the character to get a bit more unique and carve out his or her role as a true hero.

The great thing about the aforementioned idea is it really encourages players to try out different play styles. Just as an example, imagine playing as a stereotypical melee character and suddenly gaining a large amount of Cunning and losing a small amount of Strength. The player could pretty effectively continue playing as a strict melee character without too much of a loss, or try out stealth combat for a change.

In other news I'm experimenting with a new inventory limit. Characters used to be able to carry around 26 items plus whatever they were wearing. The new limit is 10 plus whatever they are carrying. Also prepare for an alpha release later this month. What to expect: a lack of content, no save system, random crashes (probably), and a distinct lack of balance. I will provide more detailed information about the alpha launch in a few days.

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