Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pre-Alpha Update!

As promised, I am preparing to roll out the first Alpha client of the game. For anyone interested in trying out the Alpha, this post will contain useful information.
  1. The game will be in Alpha. That means a large number of the core features of the game are missing or not fully implemented and that the content is nowhere near finished.
  2. There's a chance you will crash or experience some other bug phenomena. If either occurs please inform me.
  3. The game will be initially packaged in a .zip file and will most likely only run under Windows. I will attempt to create a proper Mac distribution "soon". 
  4. Seriously consider reading the "readme". I realize that's a bizarre concept in the modern era of gaming, but it might actually help.
  5. Willpower is gone because it was lame.
  6. You currently gain one random attribute each level. This is a temporary feature.
  7. The equipment still needs tinkering with. I don't like how tiered it is right now. Expect a blog post on this eventually.
  8. There are no professions, yay!
  9. There are still no space helms.
  10. Don't play as a Human. The current bonus is slightly heightened experience gain, which is completely useless when we're all playing to level four or six.
  11. Sticking to species for a moment: Sluissi don't have a constriction ability currently.
  12. The first version of the game you will be able to download is probably going to be Alpha 0.1e. If there is a game breaking bug in "e", I'll fix it and host "f" and so on (if necessary). 
  13. A week or two after Alpha 0.1 launches, I will host a trunk file. If you don't mind testing even less stable builds, feel free to download the latest trunk file. If you do mind, wait until I release Alpha 0.2.
  14. The setting is wrong (probably). Currently all of the enemies are natives of Tatooine, but that may not be the case in later versions.
  15. The color of the walls in game may seem to be changing every so often. It is far more likely you are simply going insane.
Thanks for reading! Prepare for a new blog post this Saturday (5/30/2012) that will contain a download link to Alpha. Exciting times!

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