Saturday, June 30, 2012

@Star Wars RL 0.1e Launch & Change log!

Below is a complete list of changes I've committed between now and 0.1e. The final 0.1d change is detailed here.

  • No more random wall colors (for now)...
  • Weapons now spawn with randomized damage values. Different categories of weapons are exposed to different types of randomization.
  • Minimum damage blocked by AC no longer scales. The AC damage blocking formula has returned to "Minimum=1, Maximum=AC".
  • Tip: make sure your caps lock isn't on.
  • Made it so the Shift+2 screen ("character info screen") returns your real damage with attributes accounted for. Don't worry if you get a negative number - you can't actually hit for less than 1.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by the only ranged enemy in the game.
  • The player no longer starts with -Accuracy.
  • Added in a "pack" variant of one type of monster. Note that there is no pack AI.
If you follow that you should get prompted to download a ".zip". Do so (if you feel like it) and un-zip it. Inside the "@Star Wars RL [0.1e]" folder should be a .exe named "@Star Wars RL [0.1e]". Run that, have fun, and try not to die too much. Oh and you might want to take a peek at the "readme" (though it is still a work in progress, like everything else).

For reference sake: there are currently 6 different enemies. There are 12 different weapons. There is 1 piece of armor. There are 2 different types of consumables. If all goes well, expect those numbers to rapidly multiply over the coming weeks/months!

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