Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Star Wars RL: IT LIVES!

I think a good design process includes constant revision. In my experience, the first incarnation of an idea is usually nothing more than a good starting point. I've found that by taking the best parts of older incarnations of an idea, I can make a better version. Of course doing this too much can get you stuck in a "designer loop" where in you just keep revising and are never completely satisfied. Still, I think in the case of Star Wars RL, a little revising could go a long way. Two key areas I want to revise are detailed below.
  • The damage & armor relationship. There's a lot of potential to make a super complex damage system in any role-playing game. But that's not what I really want. I want an accessible damage system that is simple to figure out. Players and enemies will inflict Damage which will be reduced by Armor and have a chance to be totally avoided via Dodge
  • The profession system. The professions work fine and it isn't really that hard to figure them out, but I think there's too many professions. The more expansive a class system is the harder it becomes to diversify them, which I think is a problem Star Wars RL is going to have. Definitely expect an independent article on this subject later.
Prepare yourself for several new updates over the next few days. Topics will include Enemy Mechanics, Class System(s), and probably more! Also, welcome to the new domain name!

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