Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trimming The Fat

I've spent a couple weeks experimenting with a side project. It uses the same engine as Star Wars RL but tries out some different ideas and methods. I learned a few things while tinkering with it:
  • Attack delay was cool because it was a programming hurdle. Actually getting it to work as I envisioned it was an on-and-off battle I've had since nearly the beginning of the sneak project. The issue is that it doesn't actually significantly change the game. It's also hard to explain in a sentence or two, which is a goal I've tried to reach for all the mechanics. In the side project it got chopped and the game did not suffer. Star Wars RL will now also lose attack delay and I doubt it will suffer.
  • The action point system is similar to the attack delay one, albeit a far smaller hurdle overall. The action point system is designed for a fast-paced game. This would be great if other elements of Star Wars RL were designed, from the ground up, to be fast-paced. They aren't, so action points are gone. Anticipate a new resource system that inspires a more strategical approach as opposed to a tactical one.
  • The attributes need more power or need to go away. In the current version of the game, a point of strength is just a point of melee damage. Prepare for a redesigned attribute system in the near future.
  • Random special effects would be pretty awesome. 
  • Players don't need to be able to wear a ranged and melee weapon simultaneously. Being able to painlessly whip out your gun/bow/laser-shooting-dinosaur makes being a melee a lot less strategical. Melee will be compensated somehow and the play style will be fleshed out in a way that makes sense for it.
  • Merry Father's Day.

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