Wednesday, July 4, 2012

0.2a change log & download

  1. Working on "mutations". These are the bonus properties that you can acquire through special items or from your species. For example, Wookies start out with "Hearty" and The Gand start out with "Chitin". 
  2. Reduced the initial Strength of Wookies.
  3. Reduced the Reflexes penalty for Wookies and increased the Cunning penalty.
  4. Gave Wookies the "Hearty" mutation (+max hp) and the "Fur" mutation (+AC and no armor).
  5. Removed Rodians' bonus critical strike (accidentally left in from older versions).
  6. Removed The Gand's bonus AC (replaced with Chitin mutation).
  7. Removed the Gand's bonus Reflexes.
  8. Gave The Gand the "Chitin" mutation (+AC) and the "Regeneration" mutation (+hit points regenerated on "tick").
  9. Removed the Sluissis' attribute bonuses and penalties. They are now effectively attribute neutral at the beginning of the game, but their stats change with the Flexible mutation over time.
  10. Gave Sluissi the "Flexible" mutation (+REF/-STR).
  11. Removed Humans as a playable species...for now! I need to think of a way to make them stand out before I bring them back.
  12. Introduced Trandoshans as a playable species. They receive the mutations "Claws" (+melee damage) and "Regeneration" (+hit points regenerated on "tick").
  13. Rodians begin with less Strength and Reflexes now, but their Cunning penalty has also been reduced slightly. In addition, they are currently. the only species who are incapable of gaining Cunning on level up.
  14. Made leveling 11%~ faster. Yes, 11%.
Have fun & try not to die too much!

EDIT: Quick bug fixes! You should now be able to wear armor and characters with the "Hearty" mutation should start with full health. Characters with "mutations" will now receive a message at character creation giving a short description of their mutations. Characters that have no starting mutations but receive some as they level-up will not receive a message after character creation but will receive one when reaching the appropriate levels. Please download or re-download the game using the above link.

Also: I've already started working on 0.2b. It should be available in the next couple days. Keep in mind these versions of 0.2 are not the complete version of 0.2. I will make it very clear when 0.2 has launched completely and 0.3 development has begun. Let's all cross our fingers that 0.2 doesn't last a year like 0.1 did!

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