Thursday, July 5, 2012

0.2b change log & download

This patch is about defining the identity of each species more appropriately. Any species that isn't changed in this patch will probably receive changes in a future one.
  1. Zabraks have been re-worked entirely. Their attribute set is now -1 STR/+2 CUN/-1 REF. They now have the "Disciplined" mutation granting them progressive bonuses to STR and REF while decreasing their CUN.
  2. Sluissi now receive a random scales mutation starting at level 1 and progressing as they advance. They can receive "Brown Scales" (+AC/-Dodge), "Green Scales" (+Dodge), "Black Scales" (+AC), "Yellow Scales" (-AC/+Dodge), and, rarely, "Iridescent Scales" (+AC/+Dodge). These are "balanced" (Brown Scales gives more AC than Black Scales, for example).
  3. Humans have made a comeback! They no longer gain bonus experience. They are, however, the only species that can select what attribute to gain on level up. Woohoo, humanity!
  4. Bothans now start with the "Fur" mutation (+AC). Note that Bothans only get rank 1, so they do not lose the ability to equip armor (unlike Wookies).
  5. Cunning now properly modifies sneak attack damage. Currently sneak attacks deal 50% extra damage and each additional point of Cunning adds 25%. If your Cunning is 8 or less you will deal no bonus damage with sneak attacks.
  6. Automatic targeting is now the default option. You can change all of your options in the Options Menu, reachable by pressing Shift and O.
  7. Chitin now progressively adds to your stealth value.
  8. New enemies have come to floors 3 & 4! This has been postponed to 0.2c.
  9. Made an adjustment to the AC code if you have negative AC. It will now roll like positive AC, but between your AC and (positive) 1. Still, if you have negative AC you probably want to get some armor or avoid getting hit. 
  10. Set base dodge chance to 10%, up from 5%, and made it so Reflexes gives 2% dodge per point, up from 1%. If AC continues to be the dominant defense mechanism, plan on me reverting this change and reducing the amount of AC you get from Strength.
  11. Carbines now trigger the volley effect less frequently. Double shots will now occur for 1 in 3 shots. Triple shots will now occur for 1 in 15 shots. Design principle: double shots should be the majority of the "bonus" damage Carbines deal. Triple shots should be a cool but rare sight by comparison.
  12. Daggers/Swords (the "one-handed melee weapons") now have a chance to cause the target to bleed.
  13. Staves now have a chance to crush the target, dealing random bonus damage.
  14. Two-handed melee weapons now gain bonus critical strike chance on every attack. This bonus is reset on a successful critical strike.
  15. Bonus accuracy and critical strike chance has been lowered on all melee weapons to compensate for their new bonuses. This is not an outright melee "nerf" - I did the same thing to ranged weapons when they got their bonuses.
  16. There are fewer enemies on all floors except floor 1 now.
  17. Lesser womp rat packs will no longer show up on floor 1. This should make leveling a bit more smooth overall.
  18. Individual enemies have had their damage ranges "tightened". AC should be the only big "swing factor" in damage now (and it is a big one, so be wary).
  19. All enemies accuracy values have been increased to compensate for higher base dodge. Note that most floor 1 & 2 enemies have negative accuracy still.
  20. I'm experiencing with different colors and symbols for some objects (enemies included). For example: no more grey womp rats!
  21. Overall enemy balance has been changed quite a bit.
  22. If no enemies are nearby you regenerate hit points much faster. If an enemy is nearby, you regenerate hit points much slower than before.
A big thank you to everyone who has been following this blog and to everyone who has given me feedback on the game. I'm quite happy to say this is the biggest patch yet (not that we've had that many). I apologize for the lack of new content, but there's a lot of fundamental changes in this patch that need to take priority in terms of testing. On the bright side: 0.2c should be here soon and will double to triple the amount of content in terms of items and enemies.

EDIT: Found a couple of small bugs. Fixing them real quick. The download link should return shortly. Okay, everything should be good to go! Please report any bugs you experience. Have fun and don't die too much!

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