Thursday, July 5, 2012

0.2c change log & download

The patch of destiny!
  1. Implemented saving and loading. It may contain some bugs.
  2. The Escape key will now return you to the main menu and automatically save your game. You can start a new, continue the old one, or quit.
  3. When loading a game, it always pulls from the file named "savegame". If desired, you can make multiple save files by renaming them yourself.
  4. The game saves when your character dies automatically. If I want players to be able to easily bypass permanent death, I'll put in a difficulty switch.
  5. You can save the game manually by pressing F5, though Escape works just as well.
I know 0.2c was slated to be the "Big Content Patch". But I finally managed to get saving & loading working to an extent, and I feel that deserves its own update. Don't worry - all that content will be in 0.2d, which should be out in a few days.

EDIT: Original version had a massive bug wherein the game didn't actually save when it became a .exe. That should be fixed now. Please enjoy and tell me if you have any issues at all!

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