Saturday, July 7, 2012

0.2d change log and download

  1. Improved the save system a great deal. Please inform me if you experience any difficulty saving. The save system has been disabled until all major bugs can be worked out of it.
  2. Added several new enemies.
  3. Experimented with "flags". There are currently two types of enemies that perform unique abilities based on their flags.
  4. Attribute gains are now every third level instead of every single level. Please note this does not affect species that have mutation attribute changes on set levels, such as the Sluissis' Flexible mutation.
  5. The Claws mutation is now added into your melee damage on the character sheet (Shift+2).
  6. Weapon damage has been reduced across the board. This will be noticeable on ranged weapons than melee weapons.
  7. E11 carbines and tusken rifles now have normal drop rates. Uncommon weapons will make a comeback eventually, but they are simply a balancing burden at the moment.
  8. Items now have consistent symbols. All armor has the '[' symbol. All ranged weapons have the '{' symbol. All melee weapons have the ')' symbol. All consumables have the '!' symbol. Color still varies both for aesthetics and to help identify items at a glance.
  9. Two new suits of armor have been added. Please note that these suits are less common than bone armor, but not explicitly better (depending on your perspective).
  10. Fixed enemies critically striking if the player was wielding a two-handed melee weapon.
  11. Another balancing pass towards most of the enemies.
  12. You now begin with a "holdout blaster" and "stimpack a" in your inventory. This should make unlucky first floor deaths a little less common (if you remember to heal and fight from afar when necessary).
  13. Added a basic help page to the game. This can be accessed by pressing "?". If you have any suggestions on help topics to add, feel free to share! There's a good chance I'll add it in.
If you download this version please leave a comment on balance and any bugs or oddities you find. Most feedback is useful and will help me make the game better overall.

P.S: somebody should tell Google that making me remove random whiteouts from my blog posts that have lists in them before I post them is not as funny as they think it is.

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