Friday, July 6, 2012

Developer Play Log: 0.2d

I launch up the game and take half a second to pick my species. It is time for a new game to test out the new additions. I wind up selecting a Duros - no particular reason. I have no true favorite species, so I tend to just play whatever sounds good when the menu pops up.

I get an immediate stroke of luck: my first item is an E11 carbine! Fairly uncommon, but especially so as a very first item. Duros focus on Strength and, to a lesser extent, Cunning, but they don't get a Reflexes penalty. So I can happily wear the carbine with no penalty.

With my trusty carbine cutting through enemies like a hot knife through butter, I very quickly reach level two. I luck out once more and get what is perhaps the best random attribute bonus for a Duros: Strength. I have a total of 13 Strength now, which translates into an excellent +3 damage bonus in melee. I find a wooden staff pretty soon afterwards. My damage range changes from "1 to 11" to "6 to 9", which, in my opinion, is far safer.

For the remainder of my stay on the first floor I find a plethora of other melee weapons. None of them can compare to my 3-6 wooden staff. Except, of course, the 4-6 wooden staff I find just before I depart the level.

My good luck streak continues as the second floor begins. I quickly reach level three and gain yet another point of Strength. I also find a two-handed axe with a damage range of 3-11, which translates into 7-15 with my Strength. The damage range is a little more open-ended, but the high top end should make for some entertaining critical strikes. The damage swing is demonstrated shortly after I equip the axe: I critically strike for 18 and then perform a normal hit for 13.  And then I get a crit for 26! That's what this beast of a weapon is all about.

Floor three marks my first encounter with a tusken. This one was a simple scout. He gets a few good shots off on me before I'm in his face, but he dies quickly afterwards. Before I descend to floor four I manage to reach level four. My fortuitous luck streak continues as I pick up yet another point of Strength.

The fourth floor adds more tusken skulls to my collection. Dune lizards fall without me suffering more than a point or two of damage. I pick up a 6-10 metal staff to replace my axe with. I'll get far less critical strikes, but I haven't really needed them. Might as well tighten up my damage range.

The fifth floor demonstrates the futility of the floor one enemies. They were easy enough on floor one, but now they are simple pests. The experience they award to a level four is trivial and the challenge they pose is equally trivial. I encounter much of the same on the sixth floor. No real challenge and any enemy that might be challenging are far and few between, replaced by simple worrts and rills.

My character ultimately commit suicide versus a tusken mystic on the seventh floor at level five. Still, I think I can learn a lot from his sacrifice:

  1. The frequency of attribute gain can turn good luck from "Sweet!" to "Well, this is too easy." pretty quickly.
  2. Enemies spawning after floor two have far too little health. Even accounting for the above, my character could easily slay any foe in one or two strikes and take very little damage in return. Even as a melee character!
  3. Enemy "persistence" needs to have a better limit. While obliterating a worrt on floor five can be amusing the first dozen times, it loses its appeal when you realize you've stopped gaining experience and the challenge has evaporated entirely.
  4. Weapon balance seems okay.
  5. I didn't get any bone armor! This is pretty uncommon, but it can happen. The chance of it happening should go down quite a bit as I add in new types of armor.
P.S: Duros the Duros survived for 3641 turns.

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