Sunday, July 1, 2012


I think it'd be an all around if Star Wars RL had some explicitly defined milestone points, especially now that the first official release has come.

Why did I decide to move into Alpha?

The project had been under development for a year plus some months. Sure, it went through several iterations, both in theme and design, but still. I am pleased with the overall quality of the game and was ready to present it as a "proof-of-concept".

When will the project move from Alpha to Beta?

The jump from Alpha to Beta will occur when I believe the majority of features are in the game and working. The game is currently missing a few underlying features and also needs a lot more content and progression.

When will the project move from Beta to Release?

When most or all of the bugs are worked out from Beta and any additional content I think of is added in.

What is the difference between a trunk build and a real/stable build?

If you've downloaded 0.1e, that is an example of a "real" build. Barring any major bugs, 0.1e is the final version of the 0.1 series. The "trunk" or "in development" builds are something I will be posting occasionally. A good example of a trunk build notation is 0.5a. You will be able to download these "trunk" builds at your own risk. They will be incomplete and likely contain bugs.

What is with the version numbering?

0.##x is the version labeling system I will be using until the Release milestone. Release versions will be labeled as 1.##x. The labels are not a countdown - we might reach version 0.55f before Release. The project will be using the "0.##x" labels throughout Alpha and Beta. They will not be reset upon the release of Beta.

Thanks to everyone who has been following this blog. Doubly so to anyone who has downloaded the game and given feedback! Expect to see a trunk version of 0.2 come up soon.

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