Monday, August 6, 2012

0.3a changelog and download!

  1. Stealth is now automatic. Note this does not mean stealth is perfect or not still binary. It just means players who want to play a stealth character have to spend less time tapping the "s" key. A character will automatically gain stealth whenever there are no enemies nearby. This is based off the same trigger that makes it so you regenerate hit points every turn when you are alone.
  2. Removed some useless key binds.
  3. The damage values on the character sheet (shift+2) now properly account for the fact that you cannot deal less than 1 damage.
  4. Added in environmental effects.
  5. Fixed a bug that caused carbines to trigger the volley effect far too frequently.
  6. Several weapons have been renamed to better fit with established weaponry canon. All the "basic" level ranged weapons are now DH-17 models, for example. Note that I'm not always going to go out of my way to fall into canon but, when appropriate, I will attempt to boost the immersion of the game.
  7. Pistols are now blasters. While blasters can refer to a large number of weapons in the Star Wars universe, it most often refers to the pistol variants.
  8. Added a new set of rare weapons. There is a rare weapon for each category of weapon and they all have the same drop rate. 
  9. The minus to dodge on armor is now called the "Armor Penalty". This reduces your dodge and accuracy by 1% per point.
  10. Strength now reduces (or increases) the armor penalty instead of granting raw AC.
  11. The character sheet now accounts for the armor penalty.
  12. Added in 3 new suits of armor.
  13. Tweaked armor drop rates. Except for one or two that have been designed to be uncommon, they should all drop at a very similar rate.
  14. Fixed a bug that prevented damage over time effects from applying correctly.
  15. Changed some messages to better fit the style used in other messages.
  16. Changed most of the system to a D6 system (six-sided dice). All stats are now measured as "Dice+Pips". Note this system is not perfect yet, but it is actively being improved.
  17. Attributes are now also based on D6. This means there is no more negative attribute modifiers, just really low attributes that benefit you in very minor ways. 
  18. Cunning has had its name changed to Perception. Perception adds to the character's sneak value (which has yet to be converted to D6) and ranged accuracy.
  19. Reflexes now adds to the character's melee accuracy. Neither Perception or Reflexes grant a generic accuracy bonus any more.
  20. Critical strike has been removed entirely. They might make a return in the form of Critical Failures and Critical Successes based on a "Wild Die" in the future. 
  21. Many weapon effects have been disabled until they can be re-designed and re-implemented under the D6 system. This was going to be necessary with or without the D6 system, as the weapon effects were quite imbalanced overall.
  22. Pistols and Rifles still have their weapon effects, but they have been adjusted slightly. Rifles are significantly more accurate at a "long range" and Pistols are significantly more accurate at a "short range".
  23. Balance is very wonky right now and still scales like it did in the old system.
  24. Armor penalties are probably too harsh at the moment. I've cut them in half as a temporary fix. This will be balanced out properly in the future.
  25. Sneaking needs to be brought down a few notches, but like most balance changes that will occur in a future patch.
  26. Species need to be put through (another) balance blender. See above notes on balance changes.
  27. Skills are making a prototype appearance in this build. There are three basic skills: Blasters, Dodging, and Melee Weapons. You will receive a prompt to place a skill point upon leveling up. You can review your skills in the % (shift+5) screen.
A lot of big changes this patch: automatic stealth, armor penalties, environmental dangers, skills, and the D6 system! Download @Star Wars RL 0.3a here! The inevitable "fixed" version of 0.3a has arrived!

If you have any comments or feedback to give, please feel free to leave a comment on this post, e-mail me, or hit me up on Twitter!

All feedback is good feedback for the continued development of this project, but there's a couple things I'm really interested in right now:

  • Bugs! Please report any crashes and/or bugs ASAP!
  • How the D6 system "feels". How does it compare to the old "whatever the heck I felt like" system?
  • How the skill system "feels". It isn't done yet, but it is a good example of what you can expect future skills to be like. I'm also interested in ideas on how to make skill increasing feel "better" or more natural. I'm not a huge fan of it being based off of level-ups.
  • What does the balance feel like for you? Is there a species or item that is really overpowering? How about underpowered? The game is still in the alpha stage, so expect big balancing changes to come later on in beta. Still, if there's a few things that really stick out as problematic, I can adjust them now.

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