Wednesday, August 8, 2012

0.3b changelog and download

  1. New skills: Carbines, Rifles, Unarmed Combat, and Sneak. Note that Blasters and Melee no longer provide general support to all ranged and melee weapons, respectively. Blasters skill now supports blaster pistols and Melee skill now supports every melee weapon that isn't your fist or fist-type weapons.
  2. Made the experience system less convoluted.
  3. All of the weapon skills (Unarmed Combat included) have a special effect now. The chance of this occurring increases with your weapon skill.
  4. Armor on items is now properly displayed in the D6 format.
  5. Attributes are now considerably higher at the beginning of the game. An average attribute is now 3D+0. Enemies have had their stats raised for balance.
  6. Strength once again reduces the armor penalty.
  7. All attributes now increase maximum HP by 2 per pip. Base hit points have been reduced to compensate. 
  8. The damage of all ranged weapons has been roughly doubled to account for all characters having much higher Strength than before.
  9. Stimpacks heal for more.
  10. There are now starting backgrounds. These are not the same as classes from previous editions of the game. Backgrounds determine your starting items and give you between 2 and 4 pips worth of skills. For example: the Smuggler background might start you out with a pistol, a stimpack, and a skill setup like 0D+2 Blasters and 0D+1 Dodge. The purpose of backgrounds is two-fold: it makes the game a tiny bit more Star War-sy and also makes the beginning of the game less random.
  11. Skills no longer go up when you level up. Instead they follow their own progression path. If you want to get a high Dodge skill, you are going to need to get hit. If you want to earn Rifle skill, you'll need to kill stuff with a rifle.
  12. One new item.
  13. One new enemy that has more than one special ability.
  14. Fixed a bug that made it so "weak point" damage didn't properly show up if you have combat information enabled. Related: slightly increased the amount of excess required to trigger a "weak point" bonus.
  15. Set the inventory back to 26 total items. This might change again in the future, but for now it will help reduce inventory management. 
  16. Added some color to the skills page.
  17. Sneaking and detection are now on the D6 system.


  1. Just downloaded, looking forward to playing. Sounds like a blast. Expect me to be a regular user :3

    1. That's fantastic! Hope you've had a chance to try it (and didn't crash)!