Saturday, August 11, 2012

0.3c changelog and download

  1. New skills: 1h Melee and 2h Melee. 
  2. Fist wraps can now appear in the dungeon. You still get a pair when you start as a Brawler.
  3. Attributes now determine your starting skills. Attributes no longer increase raw stats. The exceptions are HP and Strength damage.
  4. Strength determines your skill with Unarmed Combat and 2h Melee, Reflexes determines your skill with Blasters, Dodge, and 1h Melee, and Perception determines your skill with Stealth, Carbines, and Rifles. 
  5. The skill page (shift+5) colors now match the attribute instead of the style. Blue covers all Perception skills, Green covers all Reflexes skills, and Red covers all Strength skills.
  6. Slightly increased Stealth experience gain. It is probably still too slow.
  7. Lowered the damage of all enemies across the board.
  8. Redesigned all weapon special effects. The chance of them triggering was also reduced significantly to account for starting with much higher skill values than before. 
Balance is even less stable than it was in 0.3b, but 0.3d will contain a nice balancing wash and new content.

Please feel free to leave feedback here, in an e-mail, or at my twitter.

Download windows version here!

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