Tuesday, August 14, 2012

9 Goals

  1. Diversify species. While the species are pretty different as is, a few could use new traits and better defined niches. 
  2. Decrease the amount of "no-brainers". For example, weapons upgrade pretty predictably.
  3. Improved experience system. This applies to both character levels and skill levels.
  4. An actual dungeon.
  5. Less items and/or better items. Currently the dungeon is flooded with loot and most of it is pretty useless to the player.
  6. Make the difference between weapon skills a bit more significant. Each weapon skill should offer a "generic niche" (I realize that's a bit contradictory).
  7. Tighter balance and mechanics. Note that, in my vision, balance largely ignores outfielders. You can play a Jawa Brawler if you want to, but it isn't going to be easy and I think that's okay.
  8. Trade offs. For example, Duros could use some kind of disadvantage that affects them whether they play as a stealthy melee (as designed) or as a ranged fighter. This applies to items, backgrounds, and even combat as well.
  9. Meaningful resource management. Currently the game is basically 100% tactical, 0% strategical. I'd like to see strategy become an important element of the game. Resources built for the long-term instead of the short would help a lot with this goal.

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