Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is This Thing On?

Yes, yes it is. I'm actively developing the next @Star Wars release (0.4a). It is a fairly significant update and will likely coincide with the Annual Roguelike Release Party. A quick preview is in order, I think!

  1. Implemented heat system. Players build up hit by firing ranged weapons and using certain melee weapons. Heat generates and degenerates quite quickly, but if you overheat you will not be able to attack for some time. 
  2. Weapons now have a chance to come modified. Modifications will include things like scopes, weights, and vibro units. By design most modifications come with a trade-off or have a relatively small benefit.
  3. Weapon upgrades are less linear now. The current design is that weapons will typically deal more damage if they're less or generate more heat.
  4. Rebuilding the dungeon from the ground up.
This is not an exhaustive list of the 0.4a changes. Still, I tried to list the most significant changes you can expect as of now. Final note: I'm still very interested in receiving feedback on version 0.3c! You can leave me a comment here, e-mail me, make a thread on the Temple of the Roguelike, or tweet me!

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