Sunday, September 16, 2012

0.4b changelog and download

  1. Increased the defensive capabilities of most enemies.
  2. Two-handed melee weapons cannot critically strike, but counterattack fumbled attacks. 
  3. One-handed melee weapons apply a bleed on enemies when critically striking, but do not deal immediate bonus damage.
  4. Unarmed weapons reduce enemy accuracy when critically striking.
  5. Changed the generic "damage over time" effect to a Bleed. Bleeds last a maximum of 2 turns, but can be refreshed and stacked by applying another Bleed. Each stack of bleeding deals 2 damage per turn.
  6. Added in Poison as a new damage over time effect. Poisons deal a maximum of 2 damage per turn, but can have their length refreshed and stacked by applying another Poison. Each stack of Poison adds 4 turns worth of Poison.
  7. Some enemies can cause Bleeding or Poisoning. Some of these enemies may have other attributes (e.g., normal damage) tuned down as a trade-off.
  8. Added in Rare weapons. They are currently appearing with decent frequency so they can be tested more thoroughly. Yes, that does mean every other weapon you pick up is a Rare weapon (for now).
  9. Fixed a bug that prevented Sluissi characters from being made.
  10. Increased the accuracy penalty of certain weapons.
  11. Reduced the effectiveness of armor penalty reduction that Strength offers. 
  12. (Hopefully) fixed a bug that causes damage over time effects to grant Dodging experience.
  13. Fixed some mob flags.
  14. Removed the now outdated Design Sheet from the package.

I'm trying to get a feel for balance and the like, so feedback would be greatly appreciated! All feedback is useful, but here's things that would be really useful:

What your species and primary weapon were in your best run;
Spelling and grammatical errors;
Other bugs;
If you make it to floor 7 (or beyond).

Good luck! Thank you to everyone who has been following this blog and to everyone who has tried the game.

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