Tuesday, September 18, 2012

0.4c changelog and download

  1. Instead of gaining a random attribute every 3rd level, players are now prompted to pick a new trait. These traits are separate from racial traits. You can obtain a maximum of 3 traits.
  2. Dungeon reworked slightly and expanded.
  3. Added in an oversight from 0.4b: "Unarmed weapons reduce enemy accuracy when critically striking."
  4. Ranged attackers (player included) suffer bonus difficulty in attacking a target that has just moved.
  5. Reduced the AC value on most armors.
  6. Several changes and expansions to the enemy pool. For the most part, you can expect to find less womp rats and other floor 1 foes after floor 2. In addition, you can expect to find new enemies entirely, including some special types.
  7. Rares have been made slightly less common. They all seem to work fine, but I'd like them to appear somewhat frequently so they can be more easily tested for balancing issues and the like.
  8. For now, every background starts with a weapon, stimpack, and +1 with the weapon skill (not a full die). I've also finally added in the one-handed melee background (fencer).
  9. Your background varies your starting hit points by +9/-9. Brawlers have the biggest bonus (+9) and Snipers have the biggest penalty (-9). Fighters have the smallest bonus (+3) and Smugglers have the smallest penalty (-3). Fencers take the average bonus (+6) and Mercenaries take the average penalty (-6).
  10. Reworked the experience system (again).
  11. Fighters now actually start with an item that exists in the game (two-handed sword).
  12. Melee was hitting a bit too hard, so I increased AC across the board for enemies and raised the damage of ranged weapons.
  13. Ranged weapons can now critically strike.
  14. Removed the character creation skill spam. You will still receive a skill notice based on your background of choice.
  15. Trandoshans do not gain new levels of Regeneration beyond the first one now. The first rank is very good, the additional ranks are far too good.
  16. You will earn experience with skills that are below 2D+0 twice as fast. This idea may be expanded upon in later versions. The basic idea is to keep attributes useful and important throughout a character's life, while making branching out slightly less painful.
  17. Stimpacks now remove poisons.

This is probably going to be the final 0.4 patch unless there's some kind of horrible bug present in 0.4c.

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