Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blog Update!

Hey folks,

I've added in the links gadget. It should always contain two separate downloads that work. Please let me know if you have an issue getting them to work. Here's a quick explanation of the difference between both downloads:

Stable: this is the latest version that has a fully fleshed out blog post and changelog. Currently that is 0.4c!

Trunk: this can be seen as the "unstable" version. You should download the trunk version if you want to test and see new things!

If you are submitting feedback and/or a bug report, try to let me know if you were playing "Stable" or "Trunk". If you were playing Trunk, please let me know which version. Every trunk build has the distribution date labeled on the .exe. Tonight's version is marked as such: "@Star Wars [trunk 9-19-2012]".

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