Wednesday, November 14, 2012

D6? (Part 2)

You can read the first part of this series of articles here.

Instead of outright removing the D6 system, I'm now considering just detaching certain elements and making them whole numbers. I want to experiment with creating skill checks and the like. I now think that part of my issue with the existing system was how heavily invested into the D6 the game is. Almost every action single action is dictated entirely by a roll of the dice - there is very little stability. I'd like to create some stability, but still let the game be largely controlled by dice rolls. This will, effectively, make the game's number system more "traditional", in a good way.

A few examples where I could partially detach the D6 system:

To-hit rolls: I think it would be safe to make these a little stabler. Just as an example, instead of a to-hit roll being (3d6 vs. 4d6) it would be ([9+1d6] vs. [12+1d6]). Numbers are just as an example, but I think it gets the general idea across nicely.

Skill rolls: skills themselves don't actually get rolled all that much anyways. Beyond that, the vast majority of the skills are involved in the to-hit rolls anyways. It makes perfect sense to convert these over to whole numbers if I convert to-hit rolls over, at least in my mind. Again, for example: 3d+2 Blaster skill would become 11 Blaster skill.

Attributes: attributes actually never get rolled. So representing them as dice is kind of misleading, really. Again, really no reason to not do this if I do the other two.

Damage and armor: these are two I'd like to actually keep on the D6 system. I think damage being pretty random and unpredictable is good and adds a bit of excitement.

Fumble: I'm not completely sure what to do with these yet. I honestly like the Fumble mechanic as is, though it does make the to-hit process more of an extension of armor as opposed to actually evading. One could make the argument that this is actually a bit more true to the abstractness of Hit Points being your "stamina" in a fight. A good dodge roll makes you lose a bit less of that stamina, but combat will slowly whittle you down.

Critical strikes: I think the critical strike system could be expanded. One thing that I'm thinking about is multiple criticals. Exceeding your to-hit roll by "x" adds on one, exceeding it by "x" twice adds another, and so on so forth. This could be a neat way to add in a handful of high accuracy, low damage weapons and, subsequently, add in a little bit of that highly-desired weapon diversity.

Critical effects: I'd like to largely remove these from the game. To explain, a critical effect is an ability that triggers when you critically strike something and tends to be dependent on your weapon type. I'd like to move these weapon abilities to either be passive and trigger all the time or to have a separate, non-critical related chance of triggering.


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