Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Game Hunter's Test Drive of @Star Wars

It's worth mentioning that this video was made before 0.5a. Still, many of the issues he mentions or stumbles upon continue to exist. Overall, the video showed me several areas that need to be improved. Moving forward into 0.5b, the help screen is being cleaned up and expanded.

Beyond issues of polish and accessibility, the desire for a "gimmick" is definitely one I can support. This is a longer-term problem that will likely take me months or years to get right. A few things I'm considering include  writing a plot into the background, include various puzzles, implementing a long-term strategy element, and, of course, just finishing the "dungeon" itself.

Right now the game is extremely "Gamist" in nature. I think that's good for an early stage game because it allows a developer to implement mechanics seamlessly and ignore fluff. However, I would say that this is the antithesis of Star Wars and fiction in general. So that's another long-term goal: reduce the "Gamist" nature of the game and introduce more narration, dialogue, and just plain substance. Still, I'm ultimately creating a video game and not a science fiction novel. My basic rule of thumb, going forward, is going to be that any "non-Gamist" elements shouldn't drown the players. Ideally players who care very little for the narrative should be able to ignore it seamlessly, while players that love it can absorb it and seek it out.

Anyways, big thanks to "Game Hunter" for doing this review. I highly recommend his channel if you want roguelike reviews and Let's Plays. 



  1. Well, if you just need a gimmick that fits, what about a themed reversal of the RNG? As in, in Star Wars in general, you pretty much always occupy the role of somebody "fated to be awesome or do awesome things"...whereas in most Roguelikes you are moreso seen as a thing struggling for relevance that can and/or will be undermined at any given moment save for maybe with careful play. So, based on whatever narratives at play, a system that :wants:/Force is With you to become the best whatever with the utmost flair...providing you play wisely and overcome trials intended to. Or something.

  2. Woops, just noticed this response. That's not a bad idea. I'm playing around with a few different gimmicks for 0.6 and beyond. Somehow involving the Force has been the only really consistent thing across a variety of different ideas, so bonus points for helping maintain that consistency!