Tuesday, November 13, 2012

trunk 11/13/2012 part 2 ([more ui!])

You can now see your (Accuracy, Damage) and [Dodge, Armor] below your HP & XP bars!

I'm going to go ahead and credit these two trunk builds to Sil (the Angband variant), because while both of the features surely exist elsewhere, Sil is where I first saw them.

I'm not sure how much more information I'm going to put on the main screen. I think having HP, XP, Accuracy, Damage, Dodge, and Armor covers most of the "This would be nice to know right now" stuff. Your attributes never really change, so I don't see a great deal of benefit in placing them on the main screen.

Let me know if you notice any bugs with the display numbers (or any bugs, period). The new info displays are utilizing new code, so hopefully it doesn't break!

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