Sunday, December 30, 2012

0.6: On the Horizon

The (long awaited?) release of the 0.6 series is set to occur within 48 hours. Below is a list of stuff I'm trying to squeeze in before the release. After that, I'm going to talk about my plans for the rest of the 0.6 series.

Stuff to do before 0.6a:

  • Add in a few new items, mostly boots & gloves.
  • Make sure the balance is okay. While I don't expect the balance to be anywhere near perfect on this first release, I don't want too many unbeatable situations to be cropping up.
Stuff to do after 0.6a (but probably during the 0.6 series):
  • Experiment with dodge mechanics. The current mechanic (in 0.6a) is a "stagger" mechanic that replaces the critical/fumble system. I'm not overly satisfied with how it works in 0.6a, but it is a little more interesting than the old way.
  • More stuff to do and find. The base game is starting to reach a point where it contains most of the essential elements. I'd like to implement a few new floors and perhaps a secret or two before 0.7a gets underway.
  • Better species. Most of the species are still basic deviations of a formula (though they are a little better in 0.6a). I want to add in a couple of oddball species that make the game challenging in unusual ways.
  • Work out the differences between melee & ranged. In 0.6a, I've gone ahead and turned off melee Charging, because it wasn't documented anywhere and, more importantly, it wasn't very interesting. I'd like to find a sensible (non-gimmicky) way to make ranged combat a bit more challenging without just saying "it takes 1 or 2 extra turns to kill stuff because you're using a blaster".
Overall I'm pretty happy with how 0.6a has shaped up to be. I think the mechanical overhauls (e.g., wiping out the D6 system) have done the game a lot of good. The game still has a long way to go before a "1.0" can even be considered, but 2012 has been a rather productive year as far as @Star War goes and I believe 2013 will at least match it in terms of productivity. 


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