Monday, December 31, 2012

0.6a release & changelog

  1. Added in the Quick and Slow species traits. These adjust movement speed positively and negatively, respectively. 
  2. Redesigned the majority of the species from the ground up, excluding the Sluissi, Human, and Zabrak species. 
  3. Changed the regeneration system. Under the old system, each fight would conclude with the player resting for 15-30 turns. Ideally that means the player would spend time exploring, but the risk was generally too substantial. The new system makes hit points into a tactical metric and, for the most part, removes their attempt to be a strategical one. Essentially: it should now be very easy to enter new combat scenarios with full hit points and spend very little to no down time just resting. 
  4. The player character symbol's color changes based on remaining hit points.
  5. The player's damage accuracy, damage, dodge, and armor are displayed beneath your HP & XP now. Accuracy and damage are displayed as (0D+0,0D+0). Dodge and armor are displayed as [0D+0,0D+0].
  6. Converted many things away from the D6 system and into whole numbers. Note that the game is not departing entirely from the D6 system, but rather just gaining a bit of freedom.
  7. Added in a bit of fluff text.
  8. Critical strikes now occur when you surpass the to-hit roll by 3 or more points. You can generate a total of 4 critical strikes on a single hit (12 or more excess). Each critical strike is represented by appending an additional "!". Critical strikes still add 1d6 damage per. In total, you can get an extra 4d6 (4 to 24) extra damage on a single attack with critical strikes. 
  9. Consolidated Blaster, Carbine, and Rifle skills into "Ranged". 
  10. Consolidated 1H Melee, Unarmed, and 2H Melee skills into "Melee".
  11. Perception adds onto your Ranged and Stealth skills.
  12. Reflexes adds onto your Melee and Dodge skills.
  13. Strength is now the only attribute that grants additional hit points, but influences no skills. It adds 10 hit points per point now.
  14. The average starting attribute score is 3. There is no hard cap.
  15. Skills now level up a bit slower differently.
  16. Added in new item slots: boots and gloves. Without special enhancements, these items will influence your movement speed and accuracy (respectively), negatively or positively. "Heavier" (i.e., higher armor value) versions will tend to incur more penalties, while low or no armor variants may provide a small bonus.
  17. There are less overlapping weapons now thanks to the consolidated list of weapon skills. The goal is for every weapon to feel somehow unique, be it through interesting defensive bonuses, high accuracy, a neat ability, or strong damage. 
  18. Armor reduces (or improves) dodge now, instead of altering speed.
  19. Increased the size of most menus by 20%~.
  20. Removed the D6 system entirely. Many balance issues and the like are still being ironed out.
  21. Remade the weapons from scratch. They are basically new weapons now and progress differently than before.
  22. Most enemies have had their stats changed.
  23. Across the board: most numbers are smaller.
  24. Replaced the Critical/Fumble system with a Stagger system. An attack is Staggered when a defender's dodge beats an attacker's accuracy by at least 3. Staggers are tiered and reduce an attack's damage by up to 25% per tier.
  25. Introduced the Armor skill. Every second point of Armor raises your AC value by 1. Armor depends on Strength.
  26. Introduced the Constitution skill. Each point of Constitution raises your maximum hit points by 5. Constitution skill depends on Strength (and Strength no longer raises hit points independently). 
  27. Skills will no longer be practiced if the skill level is significantly higher than the dungeon level (more than +1). This is meant to help curb defensive skill grinding on the Stealth, Armor, Dodge, and Constitution skills, but will applied to all skills for the sake of consistency. 
  28. Base hit points are now 20, up from 10.
  29. Experience gain and requirements now scale up in a relatively linear fashion. The linearity decreases over time for skills, based on the total number of skill points the player possesses. 
  30. Updated the help screen (?) again!
Here it is! Have a great new year, everyone! As per usual, please let me know if you have any issues or suggestions. You can leave a comment here, e-mail me, or tweet me.

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