Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dig a tunnel!

One of the new features in the next version is a slightly expanded dungeon generator. I don't consider myself to be very skilled with at level design or dungeon generation, so this is some fairly basic stuff. Technical details below the pictures (also included: a preview of some new-possible color combinations and font).

First experiment with new colors and font.
Found some neat dips from the new tunnel digging code. 
Complete level that shows off some new dips and pillars. 
The unintentional backdoor. 
All the new level details here are part of the dungeon generator code. Most of that code has gone untouched for 2 years or so, but I've finally decided to start playing with it and seeing if I can make the dungeons a tiny bit more interesting. For now I'm avoiding specific room design and focusing on tunnel digging instead.

The old tunnel digger was pretty straightforward: dig connecting tunnels and flip a coin to pick how they're drawn: they either get drawn vertically and then horizontally or horizontally and then vertically. Now there are five choices, with the last three being slightly more advanced. On top of the two prior choices mentioned, it can now pick to draw vertically first and go up and down one more point than necessary and then draw horizontally. Or it can do the same thing, but horizontally. Or it can do both, with the verticals going first.

As is is probably apparent, the new code isn't really complex - it's just a simple experiment that can occasionally do something pretty cool (my favorite example is the backdoor shown in the last picture). There's quite a bit of room to grow and even just to do things slightly differently. For example, I could add in a sixth option that does both of the vertical and horizontal expansions but goes horizontal first. But, it's probably a safe bet to assume the five options detailed are what will ship with the next version, but who can know for certain? (Not me, that's for sure)

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