Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sweet February: @Star Wars and 7DRL 2013!

Hey folks - it's been a while!

@Star Wars is still being worked on. I have a lot of ideas and I'd like to develop a clean vision for the direction of the game. Despite that however, I'm going to release an update in a week or two (or possibly sooner).

The annual seven day roguelike challenge has been scheduled. The rules for participation are fairly lenient - challengers are allowed (even encouraged) to use libraries and even preexisting game sources. In theory, it's a pretty neat way to pressure a developer into playing with new ideas that they have juggling around in their heads. I'm considering participating for that very reason - I've tried to keep a reasonably tight focus on @Star Wars so I don't get too sidetracked, but an event like this is a good excuse to branch out a little.
I'm ultimately hoping that the challenge will teach me a few new things and offer some interesting insights on game design. I'm going to avoid planning too much out until March 11th is a little closer. However, if I do participate in the challenge, I'll be trying to post a daily update to the blog during the seven days. I do have some "ground floor" ideas right now and I'm going to be trying to figure out basic things, like the setting and length of the game. 

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