Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dead Man Walking: Introduction

Months ago you succumbed to the dark influence of a Necromancer. During your time as his undying servant you've committed horrifying crimes innumerable. But now you've found your Will and want revenge against the vile Necromancer.

"Dead Man Walking" (name still a work in progress) is my entry to the 2013 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge. The game will feature two experimental ideas but otherwise be a fairly standard Roguelike experience.

The first idea the game will play with is the concept of two hit point pools - the player's primary hit point pool will rapidly rise and fall, but the player's Willpower will likely never regenerate. The player will only fail if the Willpower pool is reaches zero. The second idea is a more ferocious time clock. If the player wastes too much time on any given floor, they will quickly be surrounded by deadly specters.

The game will be relatively short (20 to 40 minutes is ideal). It will use the @Star Wars code base as it exists in the current trunk, though a great deal of that code will be gutted and replaced for the purposes of this challenge.

I'm planning on posting a blog update every day starting today and continuing until the project is done. I'll likely follow that up with a postmortem, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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