Friday, April 5, 2013

Dead Man Walking 1.1 download & changelog

Windows download link for Dead Man Walking 1.1!

Spoilers below!
  1. Several typos remedied.
  2. New monster resource system.
  3. Garjon's healing ability has been cut in half.
  4. Yreek's Guardian now only takes four turns to die once it enrages, down from five.
  5. Malevolent weapons now trigger on 1 in 6 attacks, up from 1 in 8.
  6. Electric weapons now trigger on 1 in 3 attacks, down from 1 in 2. They now deal 3-6 damage, up from 2-3.
  7. Reduced message log spam from damage over time effects. Poison and bleeds will now appear as part of your HUD (below the willpower bar). Enemies that are poisoned and/or bleeding now have a message appended to attack messages (if you attack them). I'm pleased with the UI update, but I'm still thinking of ways to improve the display for enemies.
  8. Added in a new consumable item: the Magical Mystery Card. When used it causes a random effect. Not guaranteed to be helpful!
  9. Instead of collecting healing flasks throughout a floor, you start each floor with four of them.
  10. Slightly improved the AI.
  11. Tweaked a few enemy stats around.
  12. Adjusted the item drop rates a bit. Armor should appear slightly more frequently.
  13. Yreek can no longer teleport you twice in one turn.
  14. The Necromancer fight has been redesigned from the ground up.
  15. Decay has gained a new ability and lost draining.
  16. Standard weapon damage (from players and monsters) now rolls between -1/+1 of the actual damage number. 5 damage would deal between 4 and 6 damage. This is a substantial change from the old method, where 5 damage would deal between 1 and 5 damage.
  17. Garjon's Overload ability has been redesigned.
  18. Laughing Skulls can only shoot at you if you they have a direct cardinal on you (you're straight above/below/left/right of them).
  19. Added in trinkets.
  20. Removed the malevolent brand from weapons.
  21. Added in alternative bosses.
  22. Added in special floor types.
  23. Restart button! But wait, that's not all: it works while dead! 
  24. Added in artifact weapons.
  25. Changed short swords to sabers. This is purely a name change.
  26. Generally improved messages, including new hit messages for every weapon type.

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