Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dead Man Walking 4/27/2013 trunk

New trunk build with a lot of new stuff! Some minor issues that need to be fixed, but it should play just fine.

Download it from the sidebar to the right or right here!

Balance in the new version is in flux. I'm trying to make damage over time effects more interesting. Poison functions as it used to, but lasts longer. Bleeds are now more akin to bleeding from Dark Souls - which is to say, it stacks up and then deals a massive amount of damage. I'm also playing with 5 flasks.

There's an abundance of weapon upgrade kits. I'm still working out how and when I want them to appear. I'm debating whether or not I want them to drop from bosses, but for now they do. I'm also playing with the idea of having the boss spawning the staircase on death, but that's not in this version. Also considering just outright removing most of the bosses and focusing more on interesting enemy types with a handful of random attributes, something familiar to those of you who have played Brogue.

1.2 is definitely shaping up to be the most lengthy version of the game and has certainly spent the most amount of time in design hell. I'm starting to pick up the pace a bit though, so it might be out sooner than one may expect. My primary focus right now is to increase the potential longevity in the game. If I just took 1.1 and made it three or four times longer, it would probably be fairly boring. If I take a similar game that has been adapted to include some "long term" goals, it may actually be an interesting game. Upgrades are the most obvious step in that direction.

Sort of an incoherent rant, but hopefully it gets the point(s) across. As always, feedback is very welcome. Anyone who has beaten 1.1 will probably find this particular version to be quite a bit easier - this isn't a long term design goal, just a result of the player gaining more power without enemies gaining any real strength.

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