Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dead Man Walking 1.2 download & changelog

Download Dead Man Walking 1.2!

Download the Dead Man Walking 1.2 development kit and source code here!

Spoilers below!
  1. Trinkets can now only appear on the floor they originally spawn on, much like artifacts.
  2. Reworked a great deal of the equipment system. You can swap items from the inventory screen and items you pick up will be automatically picked up if the slot isn't already occupied.
  3. You now have 5 flasks and they now restore 25 HP.
  4. Enemies now have a small chance to miss.
  5. Rapiers now have one more base damage.
  6. Most enemies have more hit points.
  7. Weapon upgrades now only contribute to accuracy.
  8. Bleeding has been removed.
  9. Players and enemies can now suffer from the Cursed effect. For the player, it temporarily removes 25 of your maximum hit points and cannot be removed with flasks. For enemies, it removes a quarter of their hit points. Curses cannot stack or be refreshed - once a Curse is applied, the Cursed effect must wear off before a new one can be applied. Cursing is meant to be much rarer and more deadly than bleeding, while also being a more straightforward mechanic.
  10. Players can now miss. Changed the to-hit formula.
  11. Players and enemies can now block a portion of the damage they receive outright.
  12. AC is now just "dodge".
  13. Added in some items that provide block.
  14. Players and enemies now have a small chance to critically strike, dealing bonus damage and never missing. Your chance to critically strike can be modified with special items. The bonus damage dealt is 2x for players and 1x for enemies (i.e., enemies don't deal bonus damage).
  15. Electric weapons can no longer benefit from damage multipliers (including critical strikes).
  16. Added in some randomly generated monster properties (e.g., viciousness!).
  17. Updated the UI to support the to-hit system better.
  18. Made the [dodge, block] section of the UI a lighter shade of grey. It should be less irritating to read now.
  19. Removed in-combat regeneration. 
  20. Fixed a bug where the game would give you out-of-combat regeneration if you were close to a "~" or "?".
  21. Removed the "Dagger" card from the magical mystery card.
  22. There's a new (optional) area.

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