Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dead Man Walking 1.2b "Ascension" release & changelog

Download the Dead Man Walking source and development kit for 1.2b here!

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Spoilers below!
  1. This shouldn't be noticeable while playing the game, but I cleaned up a lot of the code for anyone who wants to code dive. It isn't great, but it's better than the previous version.
  2. Changed the distance of the Staff teleport substantially.
  3. Added in Horns. Horns rely on a new exhaustion mechanic. While exhausted, you cannot use any items or objects that would cause exhaustion.
  4. "Hoppers" (think wraiths) now only have a fifty chance of "hopping" per turn.
  5. Removed the broken mirror and locked away the associated content for the time being. It'll make a comeback someday though, don't worry.
Horns are really the only new content here. Everything else is just polish, essentially.


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