Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dead Man Walking 1.3a release & changelog

Hey folks, here is the long overdue 1.3a version of Dead Man Walking!

I am reasonably confident in the stability of this build, but let me know if you encounter any bugs or crashes. I'm always looking for feedback, negative or positive, so feel free to hit me up here on the blog or over on twitter.

Happy Annual Roguelike Release Party 2013! 

Ahoy! Spoilers below!
  1. Brightened up wraiths. 
  2. The dungeon is now 10 floors deep (plus special floors!). (Coming soon!)
  3. A certain vampiric lord will now share a taste of his power with you (if you can convince him).
  4. Removed fragments of the Sea from the source code. It was originally going to be a branch but has since been scrapped.
  5. Speaking of code: effects (pools) are now recognized by the effect_flag instead of by glyph. The old way worked, but it had some obvious limitations (the glyphs couldn't be used for anything else).
  6. Tower shields now have the following stats: (-1), [-1, 4]. Basically, the dodge penalty was reduced by one and they gained an accuracy penalty. This should make the decision slightly more interesting.
  7. Added in steel breastplates. These grant +3 Dodge but penalize accuracy by one point.
  8. Cleaned up some of the AI code. A lot of the repetition has been compressed into a while loop. 
  9. All weapons modify accuracy now. Most provide a bonus. Rapiers have had their bonus increased from +1 to +2 to compensate for this change.
  10. All of the above changes to accuracy are part of a new design philosophy: players should only really experience regular misses as a consequence of their gear choices or because they are facing a highly elusive opponent (or both).
  11. Standard zombies now move slightly slower than the player. 
  12. Added in a couple new enemies, including a new [fairly uncommon] enemy to the first floor.
  13. The duration of a curse is cut in half every time you defeat an enemy now.
  14. New trinket(s).
  15. Mastercrafted weapons now provide an extra point of accuracy in addition to the original damage bonus.
  16. Introduced two new brands.
  17. The Magical Mystery Card has been improved! There are now a handful of ultra-powerful rare cards, including the Scepter. The Scepter has been replaced with the Chalice in the standard (aka not rare) deck.
  18. Combat numbers are now disabled by default. These aren't really super important as combat generally isn't overwhelmingly long and players should be more concerned about their own health than the enemies'. Anyone who is interested in the numbers can turn them on in the options menu (<o>) or go source diving.
  19. Zombies now appear less frequently on later floors. They should still be the most common enemy overall, but the new ratio should present more interesting challenges on a regular basis.
  20. Fixed several UI bugs related to the stat pane. The "stat pane" consists of the (+1, 1) and [+1, 1] on the bottom left.
  21. Layered content. Fair warning: even more spoilers.
  22. Fixed a major bug related to ranged enemies. 
  23. Reduced Garjon's annoying factor by 31%.
  24. Added in a whole bunch of useless flavor text.
  25. The talking sword has some new sick beats to drop.
  26. Scrolls, cards, and maps no longer appear throughout the dungeon randomly (all of the "#" items).
  27. You can now collect Mysterious Crates which can be unlocked by using Keys which you get from defeating bosses. Amongst other things, Mysterious Crates drop the aforementioned "#" items in abundance.
  28. Added in new item type: Runes. When used runes will apply their relevant brand to a simple weapon (i.e., one that is not an artifact or branded).
  29. Some items can now stack.
  30. Added in cooler rooms.

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