Sunday, September 22, 2013

Random ramblings and balance changes for 1.3b


There's a handful of balance issues I want to address in a 1.3b patch. Below is some stuff I'm probably going to include in 1.3b.

I want to reduce the raw damage output of certain bosses (e.g., Garjon, Decay). The philosophy behind boss fights is that the player should be rewarded for moving out of bad stuff. The proper strategy should revolve around good positioning, good reactions, and making hits whenever it's possible. Some bosses are just "flask drains" - that is, the best way to fight them is to just run into them and use flasks when necessary.

Mysterious crates have too high of a chance to drop rare items. The "strange" weapons that offer unique stat setups pull from the "rare pool" and so does the agua de vida. Currently each rare item has a 1 in 5 chance to replace a standard item drop. I think this will be boosted to the 1 in 15 range (or perhaps even higher). I like the rare drops, but the game almost certainly suffers if everyone is able to scrounge up a similar set of items after 2 or 3 floors.

I'd like to add in more key room variations. Currently the only "puzzles" that can be found are the spikes and the guardian statues. I hesitate to refer to them as puzzles, because I don't really want them to be puzzles. I want them to be unique encounters. I'm planning on adding in a couple more and they may find their way into 1.3b.

Floors 6-10 are fairly close to being complete. I may try to wrap it up quickly and release it with 1.3b, though that does seem like a surprising amount of content for a simple patch. I wanted to release it with 1.3a, but I got sidetracked and ended up running out of time to do it.

Hell still needs quite a bit of work - I'm nearly done with the design work, but it needs a fair bit of coding work. I'd be surprised if it made it into 1.3b. It will probably be the centerpiece of 1.4.

I'd like to add an "infinite dungeon" that could be accessed after defeating the final final boss (on floor 10). Like Hell, I'd be surprised if this made it into 1.3b.

Personally, I enjoy 1.3a quite a bit. It's much closer to being the game I want to play than it ever has been. Once I finish most of the remaining content work (i.e., 6-10, Hell) I'm going to take a hard look at balance and try to get things aligned appropriately. The ultimate goal for balance is that a skilled player should be able to beat floors 1 through 10 and every side dungeon without losing willpower.


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