Sunday, March 23, 2014

AndroidLovesKitty 1.0d


One more update brought on by reviews. There is a bug in 1.0c that causes the game to crash when the Vizier is defeated. He is the boss of the Hatching Chambers. The issue occurs because the game tries to create his special boss item at a position that does not exist. It was an easy bug to fix and I'm not sure how it made it through playtesting, but it has been fixed either way.

You can download it here (for Windows).

I encourage anyone playing through casually to download 1.0d instead of 1.0c. This bug fix is the only change. However, fair warning: it was definitely created outside of the 7DRL period. Reviewers will need to use their own discretion on which version is more "pure". Personally I would suggest 1.0d, but that's not my decision and it is worth mentioning that several reviews have already been created under 1.0c.

Minor (unrelated) administrative note: @Star Wars download links have been removed from the sidebar to reduce clutter. @Star Wars has not received an update in over a year and is a very incomplete experience (compared to Dead Man Walking & AndroidLovesKitty), but it is an important part of my forray into roguelike development. For that reason I'll be leaving the files in my public dropbox and anyone interested can peruse the blog for direct links.


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