Sunday, March 23, 2014

AndroidLovesKitty Source [7DRL]


I was looking over some of the early reviews for AndroidLovesKitty and one of the reviewers pointed out the lack of source code. This was not a deliberate decision on my behalf - I have a history of providing source code and had every intention of doing so with AndroidLovesKitty. I just forgot in the midst of hammering out last minute bug fixes and the like.

Here's a download link to the "devkit".

This is basically just the environment I personally used while working on the game. You will likely need to acquire your own versions of Python and Libtcod. I use Python 2.7 and Libtcod 1.5.0.

The "hook" script can be used in conjunction with py2exe to create an .exe of the source.

Fair warning: reviews for AndroidLovesKitty have been quite positive thus far, but that hardly means I'm a good programmer. It's quite a mess, but I'm happy to try and explain any unclear elements. Feel free to hit me up here on the blog or on twitter.

Also worth mentioning that the source provided corresponds to game version 1.0d. It contains the recently announced bug fix from 1.0d, but is otherwise the proper 7DRL version.


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