Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Project & Weapons

Over on my twitter I've been teasing at a new Roguelike project I'm working on. It seems appropriate to also announce it here on the blog and discuss some the ideas going into the game. I plan on writing a couple of these posts to go over the design of the new game (temporarily named "WWRL").

For this post I'm going to go over some of the new weapon designs that are going into WWRL. Each weapon in WWRL is meant to provide a distinctive style of play and feel genuinely different.

  • Swords: the most basic weapon type. Functions identically to how most weapons work in Dead Man Walking (i.e., 1-tile range, no area-of-effect, no special effects).
  • Spears: similar to the sword, but with an extra tile of range.
  • Flails: Now things start to get a little more interesting. Hits up to 5 tiles around the player, excluding the three "behind" the player (based on the direction they swing).
  • Axes: Abandons the traditional bump to attack and instead attacks enemies as the player moves.
I'm still working out some ideas related to weaponry (movesets, ranged weapons), but the above four are solidified as far as design goes and just need testing. In the next post I'll go over the scope of WWRL and what my goal with it is.


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