Monday, October 27, 2014

Dungeon Brawl - Alpha 3

Windows Download Link

The third in the Alpha series of Dungeon Brawl is certainly the most content rich version to come out. Download is above and change log is below! Also some related ramblings even further down.

  1. Roughly tripled the size of the bestiary.
  2. Added in a static/special level. It's guaranteed to show up on floor 7.
  3. Added in monster spellcasting.
Progress is coming along quite a bit faster than I expected. Still, the game is definitely still an alpha. It's broken in terms of balance and the content is heavily concentrated on enemies, but those are not exceptionally difficult issues to solve.

There are some quirks worth mentioning with the latest version. For one, spellcaster enemies behave very passively. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though I do think it's rather excessive at the moment. Secondly, enemies haven't been properly migrated to the xDy+z damage system that the player uses yet. Both of these should be fixed relatively soon.

Currently the monster pool is a bit of a Fantasy whirlwind, although this is hardly uncommon among Roguelikes. Still, I'll no doubt go through the bestiary again at some point and spice things up a tad. I've tried to unify monsters based on symbol and naming along the lines of something like NetHack, which should help keep information clear.


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