Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dungeon Brawl - Alpha 4

Windows Download Link

Another day another alpha push. Download above, change log below!

  1. Improved monster spellcasting significantly. 
  2. Replaced gnolls with something new.
  3. Added in a new class of foes for later in the dungeon.
  4. Added in player spells. Spellbooks can occasionally be found in shops (3 lines stacked on top of each other). Once a spellbook has been used, the spells can be cast from the spells menu (press <z> or <Z>).
  5. Added in evasion and accuracy. Removed the shields.
  6. The UI has been reorganized with the above changes in mind. Money is now on the left, hp is in the center, and mana is on the right.
  7. Minor tweaks to the AI.
  8. (Temporarily) reduced the HP of most enemies to make the game slightly less impossible.
  9. Attacks can now only cause 1 tile of knockback. Certain enemies can cause an additional tile of knockback.

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