Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dungeon Brawl - Alpha 5

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  1. Fixed a grievous misspelling of the word "rack".
  2. Shops now have a 2 in 3 chance of appearing on non-special floors (was guaranteed).
  3. Rooms can now generate with loot. The loot will typically be scrolls, but will occasionally be wands or equipment.
  4. Doubled player hit points.
  5. Hit points now regenerate (slowly).
  6. The enemies' Force spell is slightly less obnoxious (was 0 to 8 tiles, now 0 to 4).
  7. The enemies' Warning spell now always provides 50 points of tracking (was 33 to 100).
  8. Enemies now properly use the xDy+z damage system.
  9. Enemies no longer generate potions upon dying.
  10. Equipment can generate with special tags (brands). These do nothing yet.
So the game has swung back around in the other direction and is now a bit too easy, especially if you're willing to use scrolls and wands. This isn't a big surprise: balance is going to be in constant flux until all of the core features are in place. I'm taking a general policy of avoiding balance concerns, unless it relates to something that is just annoying (e.g., the Alpha 4 Force spell).

Since it isn't actually written anywhere: Tracking is a special enemy-exclusive property. Enemies gain it while they're in your line of sight and when certain spellcasters use the Warning spell on you. The pathing for tracking enemies is a little iffy. It's pretty common for enemies to be tracking you to just end up stuck somewhere 2 or 3 tiles out of your vision.

On that note, enemies used to (before Alpha 4) exclusively go after you while you while they were in your line of sight or while they were tracking you. In Alpha 4 they gained a very abstracted form of "hearing" which allows any enemy to lock onto you within ~4 tiles, even if they're out of your line of sight.

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