Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dungeon Brawl - Alpha 6

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  1. Added in two new pieces of equipment.
  2. Added in a new enemy.
  3. Setup the basic classes: the Berserker, the Explorer, and the Wizard. The player class currently determines starting equipment and grants a bonus to hit points and mana points.
  4. Fixed a crash bug related to the monster spell Warning.
  5. Several color changes for items to make it easier to differentiate between them.
  6. Changed the dagger to a 1d3 (was 1d4). Changed the club to a 3d2 (was a 2d2+2, I think).
  7. Raised the mana cost of all player spells.
  8. Fixed numerous bugs related to the daily dungeon. It should now consistently recreate the same layouts. Note that direct attacks are not fixed to the dungeon seed (by design).

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