Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dungeon Brawl! [Alpha]

Much has changed in the world of Dungeon Brawl over the past week. Much is left to be done, though many of the basic ideas of the game are written down (even if they aren't in the game yet).

This first alpha release is a simple game that is meant to serve as more of a proof-of-concept than anything else. It is not an accurate representation of what I plan for Dungeon Brawl 1.0.

Here's a list of stuff you can expect to find (and not find) in this first alpha:

  • An example of what the UI might look in the final version.
  • The randomized, contextual wall coloring.
  • Functional, if somewhat barren, shops.
  • ~8 enemies over an endless number of floors.
  • 3 different character species.
  • The core of the Knockback system.
  • The core of the Momentum system.
  • No instructions. 
  • No story.
  • Very little character progression.
  • No balance at all.
  • Kobolds.
As you can probably guess from a few of the elements listed above, I'm rushing this first alpha release out. This is because I said I'd release it and I have a bad habit of not following through with things I mention on the blog.

I recommend checking out the readme if you have no clue at all what to do.

My goal going forward is to try and push out at least one release per week, regardless of its significance. 

Here's some stuff that's coming soon (1 or 2 releases away):
  • Branded weapons and armor
  • Win condition
  • A static map or two (think DoomRL)
There's other stuff in the pipe too, but I'm not sure which release they'll come in and I don't want to make any promises.


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