Thursday, January 15, 2015

Grid 1.0d

Hey folks,

Since yesterday's launch of Grid 1.0a I've released two minor patches: 1.0b and 1.0c. These just fixed a small set of bugs, including one game-breaking one. 1.0d has a tiny bit more meat to it, but is primarily still just geared towards fixes. Since it is a bit bigger it seems appropriate to provide a change log.

  1. Repair Bot now causes reconstruction nodes to restore 5 durability to your armor and weapon.
  2. Anti-virus' effect has been reduced in half (2 to 1, 1 to 0.5 in Daemon of Lust challenge).
  3. Items can no longer spawn on top of reconstruction nodes.
  4. The color of sonic shivs is now a light violet instead of white. This should help distinguish it from the stairs.

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