Friday, January 16, 2015

Grid 1.1a + Source

  1. Shops are now guaranteed to appear on every floor.
  2. The player can now only carry one program at a time. The carried program will appear on the UI and can be activated by pressing Q.
  3. Durability of all armor has been reduced slightly.
  4. The durability range for all weapons has been reduced from 25-50 to 25-40. Weaponmaster and Repair Bot are unchanged.
  5. The size of the UI has been altered slightly to allow for better aesthetic spacing. 
  6. The Encryption skill now totally prevents enemies from tracking.

Beyond the above changes, the code has also gone through a significant clean up. 1.0b had ~4800 lines of code while 1.1a has ~3500. While I would hardly claim to be a great or educational programmer, I have chosen to release the source along with all the materials I used to create the game.

The game is made with Python 2.7 and libtcodpy 1.5. 



  1. Hi. I wanted to play Grid but for 1366x768 the window size is too big. Is there a way to change size?

    1. Hey,

      Sorry for the inconvenience. I wrote up a quick small edition for the latest version I've been working on. It should work, but let me know if you encounter any issues!

    2. It's great now. Thanks :)