Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Into the Grid

It's a new year and what better time to release a new game! This new game is the result of numerous Summer projects, Dungeon Brawl, and several new ideas that the foundation of the game. Combine all of that with a theme that is heavily inspired by great science fiction and cyberpunk and you end up with Grid.

Windows Download

Here's some features of Grid:

  1. A focus on intuitive gameplay and UI that allows the player to get truly immersed into the tactics.
  2. Durability for equipment, forcing the player to frequently adapt to new weapons and play styles.
  3. A simple character progression system that presents difficult choices for abilities that have serious impact.
  4. Three classes each with a unique passive ability.
  5. Seven floors featuring eleven different types of enemies.
  6. Eight optional challenge modes.
Plus, this is not the end of Grid. I have plans to introduce unlockable content, additional challenge modes, three more floors, and alternative floors. 

If you want to communciate with me directly, feel free to hit up the comments here or tweet me.


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