Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Iron Fist [24HR RL]

Download Iron Fist [windows]

Iron Fist is a Roguelike completed in 24 hours. I chose to start the project yesterday at 3PM CST and ended today at 3PM.

Iron Fist started from the final source code release of Grid and branched off from there. This is fairly apparent in some respects, notably the existence of the combo system and the UI.

The aim of the project was for me to have a chance to experiment with two things I'd been bouncing around for a while: the usage of a world map and sound effects. Iron Fist succeeds in presenting both of those items, albeit on a small scale.

I'll likely write a proper post-mortem for Iron Fist in the coming days. I'd like to get into more detail regarding my usage of time over the 24 hour period, the future of Iron Fist (if any), and how it will impact my future development of other games.

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